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If you are uncertain which test is right for you or your group, please consult your physician. You can click below for more information about the tests we offer.

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Lifeline Health COVID-19 testing sites: Safe gatherings for individuals and groups

The disruptiveness of the COVID-19 pandemic has put us all into limbo. But as long as we remain responsible, we will get through it. Lifeline Health strongly encourages social distancing, maintaining a strong sense of personal hygiene, and scheduling routine health check-ups with your healthcare provider. For our part, we are happy to stand behind the safety of individuals and groups by providing testing for organizations, events, offices, and schools. We’ve got you covered for all things related to COVID testing in Torrance, CA.

Lifeline Health is here to support the community with disease prevention and testing. We can help with event planning and mobile testing for families and businesses, keeping them secured and safe while they get tested and after they are tested. Contact us for more information on corporate COVID testing for your company.

Our processes are set up in a way that minimizes direct contact between you and our staff. You don’t have to stand in lines at our COVID testing location, even for group and corporate COVID testing. Our setups are safe for you and your employees with no compromise on the accuracy of test results. We are here to help make COVID testing convenient and seamless. 

COVID testing near me? – The first step to regaining control of your health

Does it seem like you have a respiratory infection? Do you feel exhausted and have other symptoms that may signal COVID-19? If you’re feeling symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 book a test for our drive-thru testing for a RT-PCR or rapid COVID-19 test near you today

Regardless of the test type, at Lifeline Heath the testing process is quick and convenient.  You can stay in your car for safety and distancing reasons, and get same-day results.

You should visit one of our COVID-19 testing sites if:

  • Your primary care physician has asked you to do so.
  • You have developed any of the listed COVID-19 symptoms (fever, chills, difficulty breathing, severe cough, etc.)
  • You suspect exposure to someone who has confirmed COVID-19

Schedule an appointment online at www.wearelifelinehealth.com to mitigate the risk and consequences of a COVID-19 infection and at the same time protect your loved ones from an infection that you could transmit. For rapid results, our medical staff collects the swabs on-site at one of the medical COVID testing sites and issues results the same day.  Rapid PCR and antigen test results will be delivered in under 4 hours. We also provide testing for COVID travel requirements and get you your results within 24 hours. 

Well-tailored service packages for you

Whether you’re looking for medical staffing solutions, event management, pathogenic disinfection, or consulting services along with COVID-19 group testing, look no further. We Are Lifeline Health is your go-to service provider for all your needs, including mobile and corporate COVID testing for an array of gatherings. 

Our mobile testing unit is easily deployable and staffed with qualified medical professionals to ensure the health of your guests. Making sure that no one who visits your location is infected with COVID-19 is what we’re here for. 

Whatever service package you’re interested in, feel free to email us at info@wearelifelinehealth.com. You can also schedule an appointment for testing at one of our COVID testing locations directly.

Let’s prevent the spread of the COVID-19 together and pave the way for safe gatherings!

We apologize, our Torrance location is not accepting appointments at this time.