COVID cases in Los Angeles County decline

COVID Cases Continue to Decline in Los

According to recent studies, COVID cases in Los Angeles County have continued to decline. This has brought some fresh air to the county government and residents. But while hopes

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COVID testing monterey

COVID-19 Testing in Monterey, California

New COVID-19 testing is now open in Monterey, California.  The city located on the southern edge of California is home to about 435,232 residents and attracts over 4.6 million

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COVID Vaccination sites in California

First Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Sites in California

COVID Vaccination Sites in California As part of the Federal government’s efforts to increase the vaccination speed, they announced that they’d be opening two new COVID vaccination sites in

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COVID testing for Corporations

Get Fast and Reliable COVID Testing for Your

COVID testing for the workplace helps employers create a safe environment for their in-house staff and curb the coronavirus’s spread, employees must get tested. This is in accordance with the

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Los Angeles County COVID cases

Los Angeles County COVID Cases Reach 1 Million

Los Angeles County COVID cases On Saturday, the 17th, 2021, Los Angeles surpassed the 1 million COVID-19 mark. Which has brought lots of worries to its residents and the

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COVID-19 vaccination

Hope as California Starts Opening Mass

After Governor Newsom made his goal to vaccinate 1 million additional people in ten days, mass COVID-19 vaccination sites have started opening at major locations across the state. These

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