11 Senior iOS Developer Interview Questions

There is also a third group of apps, developed using technologies like React Native, Xamarin, or Flutter. These are frameworks that try to connect the ease of writing multi-platform apps with native performance. They offer the possibility to write code in one language—JavaScript, C#, or Dart—and compile it into native code. The frameworks often use native implementations of controls, so the user experience is a bit better than for hybrid apps. The most important thing for a mobile marketer to keep in mind when promoting apps is to make sure that the app is compatible with the devices that the target audience is using. It is also important to promote the app in places where the target audience is likely to see it, such as on social media or in app stores. Most mobile developers need to be able to code in Objective-C, Java, and Swift (if they’re developing for iOS).

How do I prepare for a developer interview?

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  2. Must Coding Questions – Company-wise.
  3. Must Do Coding Questions – Topic-wise.
  4. Company-wise Practice Problems.
  5. Competitive Programming.
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Before you begin interviewing potential candidates, create a wish list of which features your app must have, and which are nice to have. A list gives your potential mobile app developer an exact idea of what you’re looking for. The interviewer is asking about a process you would use that involves elements of technology. Keep in mind that your answer should be brief and to the point when answering these types of questions.

What are the options for laying out UI on iOS?

They will ask you to define a term or concept, describe how how to become a mobile developer is used, compare two or more technologies or terminologies, or any combination of these. It is vitally important that you listen to the complete question the interviewer is asking before you begin your answer to provide the information they are looking for. User onboarding involves introducing applications to the end-users, having them quickly understand how to use them, and reducing the time it takes for end-users to benefit from the mobile applications. Part of a mobile application developer’s responsibility is to reduce the amount of time it takes for a user to come up to speed on a new application and began to become familiar with its functions and features. The interviewer will be interested in learning how you accomplish this, and you understand the need to onboard users as quickly and effortlessly as possible. There are a few potential reasons why an interviewer might ask this question to a mobile developer. One reason could be to gauge the developer’s understanding of mobile app design and the user experience.

What are mobile developer skills?

  • App design.
  • Software design.
  • Coding.
  • Native app writing ability.
  • Backend web services knowledge.
  • Knowledge of UX and UI.
  • Unit tests, automation, and code reviews.
  • Creativity and brainstorming.

This question can help the interviewer determine if you have the skills necessary to succeed in this role. Use your answer to highlight some of the most important skills for a mobile app developer and explain why they are so important. Before you start interviewing potential candidates who will build a mobile app you want to launch, take a look at our extensive list. We’ve categorized the questions into different components to give you a well-rounded view of the potential individual you’ll hire. Each of the questions will address different aspects of the mobile app developer’s experience, skills and more. A Android developer fit into your organization by playing a crucial role in the development and maintenance of your company’s Android applications.

What are some specific advantages and disadvantages of both Android and iOS?

Containers carry objects and widgets together, based on which specific items are required and in what particular arrangement is needed. Containers may hold labels, buttons, fields, or even child containers, etc. For example, if you want a form with fields on the left and labels on the right, you will need a container. If you want the OK and Cancel buttons to be below the rest of the form, next to one another, and flush to the right side of the screen, you will need a container. If you have several widgets, you will need a container to have a root element to place the widgets inside.

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You’ll also have a strong indication if this mobile app developer is right for you based on looking at their portfolio. A developer who has worked on apps of similar functionality, or who has clients in the same industry may be a positive fit. They’ll already have an understanding of your business model and will know what it will take to achieve mobile app success. You’ll want to interview the product managers who were in charge of the app in the first place, and ask about how the developer managed the app development and worked with internal teams. The work atmosphere and culture could be very different from what the mobile app developer is used to, and therefore might not be the best fit.

What are cards in the context of mobile design, and how are they used?

Objective-C uses dynamic typing, which performs type checking at runtime. This means that the code can compile even if it contains errors that prevent the script from working properly. The Interview Simulator is disabled for this browser due to compatibility issues. Please use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in order to take an interview.

  • The resulting view controller is used in your view hierarchy and inserted, pushed, or presented as necessary.
  • Resources for different languages are usually kept in different files or directories, and the OS chooses the right one based on user settings.
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  • Many developers make a mistake of calling any test object a mock, but there is a specific distinct nomenclature for test objects that indicates the purpose for each one.

This question can help the interviewer understand your process for designing apps. Use examples from previous projects to explain how you start a project and what steps you take throughout the design process. The interviewer may ask this question to assess your knowledge of the languages you use in your work. Use your answer to highlight any programming language you know and how it helps you complete projects more efficiently. A mobile app developer should handle all of the testing and employ methodologies that tracks all features, establishes that they have all been implemented, and are in working order.