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Women’s rights have come a long way since the beginning of the century. In countries around the world, women have fought tirelessly for many of the freedoms that their male counterparts already enjoy, from the right to vote to the right against discrimination.

  • A principal component analysis demonstrated the typical European genetic constitution of the Belgian population, as compared to other continents.
  • She achieved popularity in 1990 when she was honored with the Elite Look of the Year Award.
  • Women in upper houses of parliament in 2007 was 27 out of 71, which was 38%.
  • The NHIS contains information related to health, lifestyle, environment, etc. .

While she soared to fame with the chartbusting track Mad About You, she has also contributed to the soundtrack of the movie Breath. She recorded the iconic track Le temps des cerises with Bobbejaan Schoepen. Cindy Dandois is a Belgian mixed martial artist who competed in the Featherweight, Bantamweight, and Lightweight divisions. She has fought for various promotions like the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator MMA. The mother of six, Cindy Dandois is currently working as a high school teacher. Kate Ryan is a Belgian songwriter and singer who won the prestigious World Music Award under the Best Selling Benelux Artist category in 2008 in Monaco. The same year, she also won a Gold award at the Sopot Hit Festival for her fourth studio album Free. Kate Ryan was one of the contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

“Girls are often encouraged to be beautiful, kind, helpful and sweet. With my flight I want to show young women that they can be bold, ambitious and make their dreams come true,” she said on her website. Rutherford dreams of being an astronaut and hopes her voyage will encourage women in science, technology and aviation. Despite decades of advancements toward professional equality, women are still strongly underrepresented in the technology industry. However, we want to advance and make sure that the IT sector provides a friendly and inclusive workplace. Therefore, we heartily advise reading Jennifer Gregory’s report on empowering women in technology. Today, the organization operates in Belgium, Canada, DACH , France, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and South Africa. Belgium and the Netherlands are more permissive with euthanasia than other countries where the practice is legal, allowing patients who suffer from mental illness to choose to be euthanized.

Reproductive rights and health

Over the years, Charlotte de Witte has won a couple of awards, such as the International Dance Music Awards and DJ Award. Belgian tennis player Elise Mertens has been a world number 1 in doubles and number 12 in singles. A 3-time Grand Slam winner in doubles, she was also the 3rd Belgian female player to reach the last 4 of the Australian Open. An established artist in her own right, she continues to create art, promoting its use in healthcare. Known as the Female Federer, Belgian tennis legend Justine Henin is a former world number 1 in singles. Apart from winning an Olympic gold medal, she also won Belgium its first Fed Cup title and won 7 Grand Slam titles. She was one of those rare female players who used a single-handed backhand.

Women in the workforce

Sophie Wilmès is the current prime minister of Belgium and is also the first woman to hold this post in the country. Increasing the number of women in Belgian politics helps to expand women’s rights in Belgium. Belgium, like neighboring Netherlands, has a strong tradition of women fulfilling a predominantly domestic role, rather than a professional one. Roman Catholicism, the traditional religion in Belgium, has supported different gender roles for men and women. The occupational gender gap has been decreasing in recent years, especially among younger generations. However, the higher occupational rate of women is primarily due to an increase in part-time jobs.

Unfortunately, there is still a level of inequality that women face in the American business world, specifically in positions of leadership. I am both lucky and proud to work for a company that goes against this notion. Working for a female-led organization is wonderful for numerous reasons. I greatly appreciate the sense of diversity that comes with working for a female led organization. It is known that diversity helps foster creativity and innovation which are both important to me, so I look forward to working in that type of environment daily.

Here, we report on the BelPHG-21 results related to the genetic structure of the Belgian population. InspiringFifty is an international project in as many as 10 countries. In each country, 50 C-level women in tech are highlighted to draw more attention to gender diversity at the top. For the second time this year, InspiringFifty BELGIUM searched for the 50 Belgian female role models. CEOs and founders of tech companies, or CTOs and CIOs of larger organizations qualified.

Working for a company run by a woman, as a woman myself, is a source of true inspiration. Unfortunately there are still very few women-led companies in the world, so it’s something we’re very proud of. There is a positive energy that radiates from our leader, constantly reinforcing the idea that nothing is impossible, only the limits of our mind define certain things as impossible. She knows that we can learn every day, and encourages us to turn our weaknesses into strengths. Characteristics like effective communication, empathy, and self-awareness are difficult to measure, but are highly valued and make a real difference. The UN Human Rights Office and the mechanisms we support work on a wide range of human rights topics. Learn more about each topic, see who’s involved, and find the latest news, reports, events and more.

Lara Fabian is a Canadian-Belgian musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. One of the best-selling Belgian music artists ever, Fabian has sold more than 20 million records all over the world. Over the course of her career, she has won many prestigious awards, such as Félix Awards and World Music Awards. TD and EG did the statistical analysis related to factors determining consent rates. SDK and NR were responsible for the sample preparations and DNA extractions. ED and VDW prepared the BelPHG-21 applications to ethical and privacy committees. FBref is the most complete sources for women’s football data on the internet.