COVID-19 Testing in Monterey, California

New COVID-19 testing is now open in Monterey, California.  The city located on the southern edge of California is home to about 435,232 residents and attracts over 4.6 million visitors annually. The town occupies a land area of 8.466 sq mi (21.93 km2) and attracts lots of creatives thanks to its rich culture and deep history.


The city is blessed with lots of culture ranging from Moss Landing to Monterey to Big Sur and holds yearly festivals like Carmel Art Festival and the Sand City West End Celebration.

According to Monterey county health officials, due to their large population, they’ve experienced increased COVID-19 cases, plus over 300 COVID-19 related deaths. Adequate measures have to be taken to curb the spread; this is why we’ve partnered up with Covid Clinic to set up a testing site at Monterey, California. For more information and to book an appointment, visit our website here

COVID-19 Testing in Monterey, California Now Open

At our Monterey testing sites, we offer quick and effective FDA approved COVID-19 tests. And some of these tests include Rapid Antigen, Antibody, and Molecular Tests, with results within 60 minutes. Then there’s the rapid PCR test option that’s collected through anterior nares and nasal swabs, which give your results within two hours.

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COVID Clinic and Lifeline Health: COVID-19 testing

We partnered up with COVID Clinic to set up testing sites at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa Monterey, California. Our Monterey testing site is located at 1 Old Golf Course Rd Monterey, CA, 93940. It is open Sunday-Monday from 8am-6pm, making it easy for people living in Monterey and the surrounding areas to book an appointment to get tested. With us, you’re assured that your samples are safe—no stories of falsifications or whatever. Plus, if you need post-result consultation, we can do that too. To find out more information about our sites and services or book an appointment with Covid Clinic and Lifeline Health at our Monterey testing site, visit our website