COVID Cases Continue to Decline in Los Angeles County

COVID cases in LA County decline

According to recent studies, COVID cases in Los Angeles County have continued to decline. This has brought some fresh air to the county government and residents. But while hopes are high, there are still some concerns from health officials about the more contagious COVID-19 variant. They fear that the gatherings from the super bowl could trigger a surge in the coming weeks.


Hospitalization has reduced by an impressive 64.7% from January 7th’s reports. On February 17th, the health officials had reported 109 fewer patients in the hospitals, which totaled about 2,855 COVID-related hospitalizations and 162 deaths, according to daily news, and 2,394 coronavirus cases.


The total vaccines administered in LA County as of 17th of February is a total of 1,5485,958


Dr. Ferrer has given some warning regarding the situation of things and possible action in the future; she said, 


“The decreases that we see are meaningful, and they’re all good news, but the numbers remain higher than the numbers we saw back in autumn. These numbers continuing to decrease is not a given,” She cautioned. “This will only continue if we’re all in the game and we’re all using the tools we have at hand.”


She pointed out also that due to the way vaccine allocation currently is in the county, it will be impossible to reach herd immunity by spring.


LA County still maintains their travel advisory. Which makes anyone coming into LA County stay in quarantine for ten days. Residents also have to stay at home or be lodged somewhere to ensure that they curb the virus’s spread.


Residents are also advised to maintain COVID-19 safety procedures, including maintaining social distancing, washing hands regularly, and avoiding gathering with people who aren’t members of their immediate household.


Help the COVID Cases in Los Angeles County Decline Even Further by Getting Tested

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