Eastvale COVID Testing Site, For So Cal Residents

Eastvale COVID Testing Site, Now Available

Eastvale, California is a city located in the northwest region of Riverside County, California. Eastvale is in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Eastvale originally began as a dairy farm community, and then transitioned into a developed suburb in the 1990’s. As of 2019, Eastvale is estimated to have over 64,000 residents. Like most of Southern California, Eastvale has a high population density for its geographical size. The COVID-19 virus tends to spread faster in areas of higher density, making Eastvale, and the entire inland empire a target for outbreaks. It is important for the citizens of Eastvale to know where COVID testing sites are in their area. Lifeline Health houses a COVID Testing Site near Eastvale, where residents can receive fast and accurate results. 

When is the right time to be tested for COVID-19?

COVID testing

Not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19. You can perform a self assessment prior to scheduling an appointment to get tested. The CDC has a comprehensive site with information regarding COVID-19, including on when to get tested. According to their website, you should be tested for COVID-19 if you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 (such as fever, shortness of breath, or a cough), you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or your healthcare provider has suggested you be tested for COVID-19. If you believe you currently have COVID-19, it is important that you receive a viral test, which detects an active infection. It is important that you receive your results quickly so that you can take precautions accordingly. Once you have been tested, you should isolate yourself until you receive your results. Make sure to keep taking precautions such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and staying home even if you test negative for the virus. The Eastvale community should keep informed on where to receive a COVID-19 test in case they need to be tested quickly.  

Where are the Eastvale COVID Testing Site?

Lifeline Health has opened a safe and efficient COVID 19 Testing Site near Eastvale, California. Eastvale residents can receive rapid results at our COVID testing site located at Silverlakes Sports Complex at 5555 Hamner Ave, Norco, California. Lifeline Health has partnered with COVID Clinic to provide and facilitate safe viral testing for the Inland Empire. The process is safe and easy. You can book an appointment through our patient portal during our hours of Monday-Sunday 7:30am-9:45pm. We are also now accepting drop-ins, to make it even easier for you to stop by for a COVID-19 test in the Eastvale/Norco area. Our Rapid Tests are administered by certified COVID Clinic staff through a nasal swab, and results will be given within the hour. The test has a specificity of 100% and a sensitivity of 96.7%. Our rapid COVID tests will allow for Eastvale and Riverside County residents access to results quickly and safely. For more information about our Norco/Eastvale testing site, visit our website.