How does the Move to the Purple Tier Impact Testing Sites?

On Monday, November 16th, 2020, Gavin Newsom took drastic steps in the fight against coronavirus. He announced that 94 percent of California, which is about 40 counties, will have to go back to the most restrictive purple tier. Some of the purple tier counties include Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside, San Bernardino, Trinity, Yuba, among others.

Orange County saw an increase to 424 cases per day in the past week, while Ventura witnessed an average increase of 140 cases per day in the past week, according to La Eater. These numbers prompted Governor Newsom to announce that he was pulling the emergency brakes. And in his full statement, he said:

“We are sounding the alarm,” said Governor Newsom. “California is experiencing the fastest increase in cases we have seen yet –faster than what we experienced at the outset of the pandemic or even this summer. The spread of COVID-19, if left unchecked, could quickly overwhelm our health care system and lead to catastrophic outcomes. That is why we are pulling an emergency brake in the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Now is the time to do all we can – government at all levels and Californians across the state – to flatten the curve again as we have done before.”

The purple tier is the most critical tier in California’s color-coded 4 tiered system meaning indoor activities will have to be suspended–churches, gyms, movie theaters, and restaurants. Plus, the rules on mask-wearing have been tightened.


How Does the Move to the Purple Tier Impact Norco and Torrance Testing Sites?

purple tier

To help contain the spread of COVID-19, our testing sites at Norco and Torrance are fully functional to serve huge parts of LA county. If you’re a resident of the areas surrounding Torrance and Norco, and you or your family members have been exposed to someone with the COVID-19, getting tested is the first step to take.

To find out more information about our sites and services or book an appointment with COVID Clinic and Lifeline Health at our new Torrance testing site, visit our website.