How Medical Testing Tents Are Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

medical testing tents

Why are Medical Testing Tents Important in the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States healthcare system has been overwhelmed with patients. Hospital beds and ICU wards have been overflowing with sick people searching for treatments for the virus. Hospitals across the country have not had the capacity in their buildings for mass COVID-19 testing. Therefore, medical testing tents have been set up in outdoor or other public spaces across the country in order to take the stress off of hospitals. For updates on national hospital capacity statistics, visit the CDC website where they are providing updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.


What are Medical Testing Tents?

Medical testing tents are temporary structures run by hospital staff typically in outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, in order to provide COVID-19 testing to the general population. They are made to be accessible to many with as little contact as possible to protect the nurses working the medical testing tents. These tents can be used for walk up COVID-19 testing, patient check in, or patient treatment when hospitals are unable to accommodate the demand for space inside the hospital. These medical testing tents have been vital during the battle against the coronavirus because of the pressing demands made at hospitals. Many hospitals are running out of space, and these tents are important in the effort to expand the capacity at healthcare centers. 

Are you able to receive reputable COVID-19 tests at medical testing sites?

Medical testing tents are usually operated by hospital staff, and are providing tests that are authorized by the FDA. The COVID-19 tests that you will receive at authorized medical testing tents will be reputable in most cases. For example, at the Lifeline Health testing site in Norco, California, we have partnered with COVID Clinic to offer FDA approved rapid COVID tests, expedited PCR tests, and rapid antibody tests. At our site in the Silverlakes Sports Complex parking lot, we have medical testing tents set up to provide a fast, easy, and safe experience for our patients and our nurses. Not only are you provided with an authorized COVID-19 test that will give you accurate results, you will receive your results quickly. Our site is open Monday-Sunday from 7:30am-9:45pm, making it easy to schedule a time that works with your schedule. In order to book an appointment at our Lifeline Health testing site, visit our website.

When should I be tested for COVID-19?

The CDC website has comprehensive information on when to be tested for COVID-19. They recommend that you be tested if you have begun to show symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath), have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or if you have been advised by a health professional to be tested. If you or a loved one need to be tested for COVID-19, it is important that you receive your results quickly, and isolate yourself while waiting for results to help slow the spread. Lifeline Health offers rapid results in as little as one hour at our Norco testing location. To book your test today with our FDA approved tests, head over to our website, and click ‘Book an Appointment’.