Los Angeles County COVID Cases Reach 1 Million

Los Angeles County COVID cases

On Saturday, the 17th, 2021, Los Angeles surpassed the 1 million COVID-19 mark. Which has brought lots of worries to its residents and the California state government. The county’s Public Health Department reported 14,669 new cases, which have brought the total number to 1,003,923. This makes them the first county in the United States to surpass 1 million cases.


L.A. County public health director Barbara Ferrer in a news release said, “The presence of the U.K. variant in Los Angeles County is troubling, as our healthcare system is already severely strained with more than 7,500 people currently hospitalized,”


“Our community is bearing the brunt of the winter surge, experiencing huge numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, five-times what we experienced over the summer,” 


“This more contagious variant makes it easier for infections to spread at worksites, at stores, and in our homes. We are in the midst of a public health emergency so please do everything you can to protect yourselves and those you love,” Ferrer said.


Vaccination Centers in LA County


The more the virus spreads, the higher the risk of death; it is mind-boggling to see how the new variant of COVID-19 is causing so many problems that were not seen in the first strain. At the vaccination center, they’re seeing firsthand how bad the situation has gotten. 


LA County Fire spokesman David Ortiz spoke to CNN at the Dodger Stadium. He spoke about the situation on the ground, he said, 


“We on our fire department have lost two of our members — two valuable members — to this disease, and so it hits home watching the nurses pleading with people to stay home, to not have these parties.

“it’s heartbreaking to see them work themselves to exhaustion and continue to come in every day — every day — and put on their game face and go to work on all these people — taking care of all these people.”

He spoke further about how the vaccine is a breath of hope to them. 

He said, “Because every person that gets vaccinated, that’s an opportunity of a person that may be saved by that vaccine. And that’s one less person that’s going to become a victim to this virus,”

Our Upcoming Vaccination Centers

We’re actively invested in the fight against coronavirus.Our on site teams hope to have vaccination centers open soon to continue this fight. In the meantime, to find a vaccination site near you, visit the CDC website and see where they are offered. 

Los Angeles County COVID cases