Rapid PCR COVID Testing in Riverside

Rapid PCR COVID-19 Testing in Riverside

Rapid PCR COVID Testing in RiversideTo the east of Los Angeles in Southern California, the city of Riverside lays against the mountains in the Inland Empire. Riverside County is a large and populous area of the Southern California region. Riverside is the biggest city in the county. Riverside is surrounded by smaller suburbs: Corona, Norco, and Eastvale, among others. According to the Census, Riverside County has a population of 2.47 million in 2019, and the city of Riverside accounts for 330,000 residents of that total population. In March, when the United States shut down due to the pandemic, Riverside shut down as well. Restaurants, offices, schools, and many public places were closed for months due to the increasing spread of the virus. Now, 8 months into the pandemic, these businesses have begun to reopen, with new restrictions put in place to maintain safety. These restrictions include social distancing, wearing masks, increased sanitation, and temperature checks. In addition to these restrictions, the city of Riverside has increased their amount of testing to ensure an accurate depiction of how the virus is spreading. Lifeline Health has opened a COVID-19 drive through testing site in Riverside County, California. We have partnered with COVID Clinic in order to provide rapid PCR COVID Testing for the residents of Riverside and the surrounding communities. Now, Riverside County residents can receive rapid results, and take the appropriate precautions to keep their loved ones and other residents safe.

What is Rapid PCR COVID-19 Testing?

Rapid PCR COVID Testing in RiversideSince the pandemic began, the FDA has been pushing out new forms of testing in order to test as many people as possible to access how bad the spread of the virus has been. The FDA website has become a hub for the latest information on what tests have been approved, where you can get them, and what the details of the test are. One type of diagnostic test that detects an active case of the COVID-19 virus is a PCR test. This COVID-19 test detects genetic material of the virus using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Also called a molecular test, a health care worker collects fluid from a nasal or throat swab or from saliva. Results can be accessed within an hour of administration, making it easier than ever to get the answers you need regarding the COVID-19 virus. Lifeline Health offers rapid COVID PCR testing at our site in Riverside County. The tests that we offer are administered through a nasal swab by our licensed professionals, and will get you the rapid results you need. Our PCR tests pass most travel requirements, although you will have to check in with specific airlines for more details. To find out more about PCR testing, visit the FDA website for the most comprehensive information. In order to book an appointment at our location, visit our website. 

Lifeline Health and Rapid PCR COVID-19 Testing in Riverside County

medical testing tentsNear the city of Riverside in Norco, California at the Silverlakes Sporting Complex, Lifeline Health has partnered with COVID Clinic and opened a drive through rapid testing facility. The residents of Riverside and the surrounding communities can now receive rapid PCR COVID tests and know within an hour what their results are. This will help the community members take precautions based on their results. For more information on what to do with your results, contact your healthcare provider, or reach out to us via our website or phone. Our Norco testing site is located on 5555 Hamner Ave, Norco CA 92860, and is open Sunday-Monday from 7:30am-9:45pm, making it easy to find an appointment time that works with your schedule. We now take walk-in appointments, so feel free to stop by anytime within our hours. If you would like to make an appointment or learn more about our offerings, visit our website.