Travel, Testing and COVID: How to get it right

Travel testing and the covid-19 pandemic have changed the way people travel drastically. Although many countries halted all travel in and out of their country, they’re starting to ease up–but with restrictions, and COVID travel testing.

Now the problem is, you risk missing out on an engagement you may or have not been planning for months if you’re tested positive for the coronavirus, which is a serious cause for worry. And with the holidays around the corner, the need for conventint testing sites have grown.

If you want to travel, here are things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re allowed to travel safely.


Travel, Testing & Timing

The Rapid antigen test is cheaper but isn’t most often what is being requested from airlines and countries for travel compared to PCR. Be sure to clarify with your travel airlines and destinations on exactly what kind of test and documentation are required and the timing before travel that is needed.

Because it takes about 2-14 days before the test can notice, that is, when you begin to show infectious virus particles. It still boils down to isolating and maintaining safety procedures before it goes away.

You should also time your test to avoid getting it too late, which may cause delays. 


Self Quarantine Before Your Travel Trip

Isolating reduces your chances of exposing yourself to the virus. You should strive to take active steps into ensuring that you maintain all the COVID-19 safety precautions, including wearing face masks, washing your hands, sneezing into your elbows, maintaining a safe distance from people, etc. Because you know that being COVID-19 positive kills your chances of traveling, so it’s smart to take these precautions.


Even after you’ve tested negative for COVID and you’ve gotten on the plane, the precautionary measures shouldn’t end there because you’ll still have to go through the crowded plane, bus rides, train rides, and whatever. For instance, if you catch something and you’re asymptomatic, that is, you don’t show symptoms, you risk spreading the virus, which is dangerous.


Where Can You Get COVID Travel Tests in California?

COVID Clinic Torrance

Our Norco testing site is located on 5555 Hamner Ave, Norco CA 92860, and is open Sunday-Monday from 7:30 am-9:45 pm, making it easy to find an appointment time that works with your schedule. We also have a location in Torrance, CA for you to book your appointment at.

Also, for the sake of convenience, if you don’t live near one of our testing locations, one alternative would be to plan a short layover in LAX, Burbank, Ontario, San Diego, or Phoenix. We have locations within 15 miles of each of these airports. Our mission is to test and make it convenient for you….which is why we have extended hours and operate 7 days a week! Visit our website