What Is the COVID 19 Antibody Test?

The antibody test, also known as serology testing, helps determine if you’ve had a past infection with the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) but not in the present. Unlike the PCR and Rapid antigen tests, antibody tests cannot be used to diagnose COVID-19.


This is possible because antibodies can stay in your body for months after you’ve been infected with COVID-19. But it can also take about 2 weeks before your body starts to produce the antibodies. These antibodies are simply proteins that your immune system produces to fight against the virus.


Why Do People Take Antibody Tests?


  • The people who think they might have had the virus (because they saw some symptoms) but weren’t tested. 
  • If they’re about to undergo a procedure at a hospital and you’ve been diagnosed positive in the past
  • The person has had the infection in the past and wants to donate plasma.


You should talk to a healthcare professional to get more information on which test is right for you.


What Happens When You Test Negative or Positive for the Antibody Tests?

anitbody testThere’s a common misconception that testing positive for the antibody test automatically means that you’re immune to the COVID-19, which is wrong. It has not been proven that these antibodies will protect you from getting COVID-19 again because there have been cases where people contracted the virus again. But it’s rare.


On the other hand, testing negative for COVID-19 could mean you had COVID-19 in the past but haven’t developed the antibodies. Another meaning could be that you may not have been infected for the COVID-19 previously.

Where Can You Get Antibody Test?

An antibody test can be prescribed to you by a health provider, and the test can be done in testing sites near you.

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